So, we’ve written about how blogs are important for your business and why content is king when it comes to your website before, but this time around, we’re going to talk about how you can improve your blog’s performance with some really easy tips.

While these tips won’t replace having a dedicated content writer or copywriter on your staff, it will help you (or whoever writes your content) to spice things up, make some snappier writing, and increase readers’ time spent on your website. Full disclosure: we recommend having a trained writer on your team, or hiring our Los Angeles marketing firm to oversee your blog and content strategy. Visit Our Work page to see what we can do for you.

Until then, let’s get to those 5 tips for better blogs.

Grab attention with killer headlines

Big. Bold. Beautiful. Blog. Readers are bombarded with information from every perceivable angle and device. Think about all of the information blasting your way currently. You’ve got this blog, probably an email, a text, a phone call, maybe a fax. Now think of all the media you’ve consumed up to this point. It’s probably countless numbers of the previous examples for hours.

We really can’t handle too much information, unless we hone in. If your blog doesn’t have a great headline to make readers snap up and pay attention, you’ve lost the battle from the beginning.

Employ calls to action as much as you can

Fun fact about this tip, we used two call to actions in our headlines to make you take notice. You did, didn’t you? It’s because they’re effective.

Think and write like Hemingway would: be forceful; use strong verbs; demand attention at every turn.


We used this in the first example (Big. Bold. Beautiful. Blog). Alliteration captures attention and doubly demands that readers respect your writing. They take notice; it has a nice flow to it. Bonus points: apply assonance, the vowel equivalent of alliteration.

Use bullet points whenever you can


  • It breaks up the flow
  • It’s eye-catching
  • The pieces are easily digested
  • It looks nice
  • It works.

You can deliver a lot of information efficiently with bullet points. Trust us.

Edit ruthlessly

This is the hard part. You need to look at the work you’ve written and trim the fat. You need to be concise, engaging, and entertaining with every sentence. Or else, your readers won’t stick around.

Don’t get attached to your writing; make it as good as you can.

If you really want your blog and content to go to work for you, you need to call us. We know content marketing and getting results. Call us for a consultation and learn more.

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