Alright, so, you send emails to your customers to get the word out. There are a few outcomes for when you send an email; how you respond to these outcomes determines the success of your emails.

Option 1: No one even opens your emails. You’re wasting your time, energy, and resources to no avail. No one is even looking at your well-crafted body copy, your message, or the offer you’re promoting to help them.

Option 2: Some people open your emails, but that’s it. They aren’t clicking through to take action, which means you are again wasting time, energy, and effort trying to get your critical info to them. In this case, you need to work on your body copy and likely make a more compelling call to action. You can still improve your open rates as well.

Option 3: No one is really opening your emails, but the few that do are taking action. This means your subject line(s) don’t drum up the interest you want, but your offer, body copy, and or call to action is so good, those few who opened can’t help but convert. Work on your subject lines, and you’re going to see better numbers overall.

Option 4: Plenty of people open your emails and you get good conversions. Congratulations, you’re doing well with your email marketing. It can still be better.

So, why are subject lines so important, and why are we hammering you about them? Because if you don’t hook your reader within a few words, you lost them. Do that a few times and you can be sure to see a high number of unsubscribes in your monthly reports. Email is still an incredibly effective method of marketing and communicating with your audience, so it’s best not to bore them — or worse yet, annoy them.

So, we’ve got a few down and dirty tips for making your subject lines more impactful so you can see better numbers.

  • Make ’em punchy. You need to hit hard with exciting verbs in as concise a manner as possible. Not only will longer subject lines bore your readers, but they’ll also get cut off and your message won’t get across.
  • Put your offer at the front. There’s a saying in songwriting, “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.” People are busy, they’re not going to read more than a few words. If you want them to know what’s inside, get to the chorus and hit them with the offer first.
  • Add a call to action in the subject line. Give them a reason to act immediately on your offer. Make them click through.

There are always strategies to employ to improve your email marketing numbers. One of the easiest ways is to leave it to the professionals. Our LA marketing firm has a team of experts to make sure your campaigns succeed. Curious about what else we can do to make your emails more effective? Give us a call.

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