Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t really something you can “hack” your way through. It takes a lot of work and effort, constantly revisiting your website to improve it and adding onto it so that you have more keywords and key phrases that Google will rank you for to increase your traffic. You should always be finding ways to increase your SEO ranking and adding new webpages, either in the form of services, products, or blogs, to aid in that process.

However, we have developed a quick and effective guide to help you improve your SEO rankings in three steps. This shouldn’t be taken as the definitive guide to SEO and you should hire our Los Angeles marketing firm to take things over for you so you can focus on other business prospects, but it will at least get you started on the path to better SEO.

Content is king. Write for your reader

The more content on your website, the more opportunities you have to target keywords that will get readers to your site. However, you should be warned of keyword stuffing, aka, cramming as many keywords and key phrases into your copy as humanly possible. While you’d think this might help you because you have more keywords popping up frequently, Google and other search engines will actually penalize you for it. For example, we could sit here and put “Los Angeles marketing company” into every paragraph of this blog, but it will only end up hurting us. Use keywords appropriately and don’t ruin your copy just to get a keyword or key phrase in there. Make sure your reader can follow along with your content and can gain information or be entertained — they’ll stay on the page longer and that’s better for your site.

Write good meta descriptions

A good meta description gives search engines more keywords to work with and helps them bump your site up in their rankings to help readers learn more about their queries. Keep them short, make sure your keywords are at the beginning and be descriptive of the page. It’s as easy as that to help your website perform better. Now just make sure every page is like that and you’ll be golden.

Add (relevant) links

If you’re writing a blog about one of your products, make sure to add a link in the article to get readers to that product. If you’re talking about a topic on your website and you happen to have a blog article that goes more in-depth about it, link to that blog. Build a web of links across your website as it helps the search engines rank your page higher. That’s a fairly easy (though possibly time-consuming) task to improve your SEO.

We’ll even throw in a free fourth SEO tip for you: hire our LA marketing company to handle things for you. We’ve helped countless companies rank higher in search engines to get more customers and boost profits. Contact our offices today to find out what we can do for you.

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