You read that title and probably thought, “No I don’t.” And you know what, that’s okay. In reality, your website is probably fine. You have inbound traffic, you convert guests, they sign up for emails, book appointments, purchase your goods and services. By all measurements, your website is working exactly as you intended. It probably looks pretty good too. However, as an LA marketing firm who specializes in website redesign, e-commerce, branding, and much more, we’re willing to bet your website could use a touchup, if not a complete overhaul. Bear with us and we’ll explain why.

It’s unoptimized

SEO is ever-evolving and changing year by year, meaning the decisions you made when designing your website and optimizing it for SEO, however long ago it was, may be outdated by this point. You may have never actually done a proper SEO audit on your site in order to optimize it – and that’s okay. We specialize in SEO and SEM and can optimize your website to increase inbound traffic and convert more leads. if you aren’t constantly checking for the best copy with the right targeted keywords, updating 404 pages and 301/302 redirects, and updating your website with new keyword-optimized content, you’re falling behind your competition, which means you’re losing out on profits.

Your UX isn’t great

Just because a user can navigate your site, doesn’t mean they’re doing it easily in a naturally flowing manner. Users can get bored, frustrated, or entirely fed up quickly if your site is a labyrinth of clicks to get to useful information, or the product they’re looking for. The basic rule of thumb when designing a website for UX is the less clicks the better. Have you optimized your website to minimize the amount of clicks it takes to maneuver? If not, you need a website redesign. Bonus question: did you optimize your website for mobile viewing?

It’s outdated for your brand

This one gets to the heart of your marketing strategy and accompanying brand guidelines. You need to ensure that your website reflects your sales goals so you don’t confuse guests and prospective customers.

Assets and tools have expired

If you implemented any third-party tools to your website, it’s possible that they are no longer supported and your website has dead ends and useless functions that will only irritate visitors. You need to constantly update your site so that it runs smoothly and you maximize traffic, time on page, and more.

It looks dated

Websites have come a long way in terms of visual design from 10 years ago. Heck, websites look different now than they did five years ago. Again, just because your website is “working,” doesn’t mean it’s working as well as it could/should be. Some users may see your older-looking website and surmise that it’s now defunct, or it just isn’t appealing. Ever hear the phrase “you eat with your eyes first”? Same goes for marketing and websites — customers are going to judge you on appearances first.

We know it’s difficult to admit that your website might not be all it can be and we know it’s tough to commit to updating it. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” While that’s mostly true, would you consider a main tool of your business not bringing in all possible revenue as working properly, or would that be considered broken? Call or email us today for a consultation to learn how we can revamp your website and improve traffic, conversions, and sales.

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