Without mincing words, your business absolutely needs a social presence. Social media isn’t any augmentation of a marketing and advertising strategy anymore — it’s just a part of everyday life. People are glued to their smartphones, tablets, and laptops checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a dozen other apps and platforms. And even if you think you’re doing a great job posting on social media, you’re probably getting buried by their algorithms and minuscule percentages of your audience are actually seeing your content.

Your organic content, meaning content that you post to your timeline without any boosting, is going to take a backseat on your average user’s timeline. Your customers, as part of Facebook’s (and by extension, Instagram’s) algorithm(s), will have their friends and family prioritized for their timeline when they open the app, or log on. The harsh number to accept as a brand is that you’re only going to reach roughly 2% of your total audience (the people who liked your page, or followed you); the highest average was about 6%. So 2-6 people per hundred users will see your organic post about a sale and/or promotion. Not so great.

One thing that businesses today need to accept is that social media is pay to play. You might remember Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign, which payed meme accounts to make posts about him, even if they’re making fun of him, to stay relevant. It’s an interesting and expensive marketing campaign (and not one we recommend), but it shows that in order to have any clout as a business on social media, you need to front some funds and pay the machine. So in short, you need to pay for your social campaigns if you want to see any ROI.

Beyond that, you might want to focus on video for social media; video is prioritized over image and text on many platforms (and is the only medium on some). Visuals are important. If you don’t have something to catch the user’s eye, you’ll be lucky if that 2% sees your text based organic post. If you’re confused and worried about your social campaign, don’t fear. We’re here to help.

As a business, unfortunately, you don’t have time, nor resources, to waste trying to promote organic content to get the ROI you need to survive against your competitors. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your social strategy and get more eyes on your content with effective use of a social campaign budget.

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