The Coronavirus has hit the United States and many cities are telling businesses to close for the next few weeks. Some offices were ahead of the game and had their employees work from home, otherwise known as telecommuting, to stop any potential spreading of the virus. For businesses that were equipped to enable employees to log in from their homes, this wasn’t a massive hit nor a major stressor. For enterprises that weren’t prepared, it quickly became scramble mode to figure things out.

Some organizations, while equipped, feared having their workforce sign in from home, for any number of reasons. Some feared loss of productivity, some feared lack of communication, and then some supervisors and managers feel that it’s impossible to guarantee quality work when everyone is so spread out.

At the moment, enterprises are forced to either have employees work from home, or essentially shut down operations until this virus blows over. If you were on the fence about enabling employees to work remotely, or if you need reassurance to feel better during these trying times, we’ve got a list of benefits for WFH employees.

Theyre happier: No commute and more free time, rather than time spent in a car, or on public transit? Money saved not having to pay for gas? Remote employees get some great benefits, and as the old saying goes, “A happy worker is a productive worker.”

Time saver: It’s a well known inside joke that plenty of meetings are superfluous and could be solved with an email. Now, you’ll find out just which meetings were necessary, and which ones can, in fact, be solved with an email, or phone call.

Productivity boost: Instead of an employee beaten down by the grueling grind of traffic, they can sleep in a bit and feel more refreshed and alert to take on tasks for the day. Win win!

Focus can increase: Rather than being distracted by people shuffling around, or that one guy in the office that wants to chat about his hiking trip over the weekend, people can focus on their work for longer.

Peace of mind: If something comes up at home, employees can address it immediately and get back to work, rather than having to leave the office, or worrying about it all day. Bam: more productivity.

This isn’t the ideal situation to test out a remote workforce, but we all have to deal with it the same and get through it for the time being. Don’t fear remote workers, they’re often as productive, if not more so, than typical in office employees. In the meantime, stay safe, and contact us to learn how we can help take your social and SEO strategies to the next level to stay ahead.

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